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Practice Videos

The Messiah 

2/3  Comfort Ye/Every Valley Tenor Solo voice 

       2  Comfort Ye score  

       3 Every Valley score


4  Glory of God voice

       4 Glory of God Soprano

       4 Glory of God Alto

       4 Glory of God Tenor


       4  Glory of God Bass


6   Who May Abide Baritone Solo voice (starts at 1:50)

       6 Who May Abide score


7   And He Shall Purify voice 

       7 Soprano score 

       7 Alto score

       7  Tenor score 

       7  Bass score


8/9  Behold, a Virgin/Thou That Tellest Alto Solo voice


9     O Thou That Tellest voice

       9  Soprano score

       9  Alto score

       9  Tenor score

       9  Bass score 


44  Hallelujah voice

     44  Soprano score

     44  Alto score

     44  Tenor score

     44  Bass score


12  For Unto Us A Child Is Born voice

     12  Soprano score

     12  Alto score 

     12  Tenor score 

     12  Bass score 


12-16 Soprano Solo voice


17  Glory to God voice

      17 Soprano score

      17  Alto score

      17  Tenor score 

      17  Bass score 


18  Rejoice Greatly Soprano solo voice

      18 Soprano score 


Concert Attire

Concert attire is ALL BLACK. Chorus members are responsible for obtaining, storing, and maintaining their own concert attire.

Black dresses, skirts, pants and black closed-toe dress shoes are acceptable concert clothing. Please make sure you have modest skirt lengths, as we perform on risers on an elevated stage. “Sparkly” jewelry is allowed. Out of consideration for other members: please, NO PERFUME.

Black shirts, black dress pants, black dress shoes, socks, and holiday ties. Out of consideration for other members: please, NO AFTERSHAVE.