Get Involved

The Chorus is always in need of volunteers to help us during our season performances. We need people who would like an opportunity to help at performances: ushers, ticket-takers and house managers. If you are interested in helping during our performances, please contact: Tricie Callaghan-Stover at (406) 360-7362.


There are attendant costs to presenting the annual concerts. These include the rental of the concert hall, liability insurance, conductor and collaborative pianist compensation, and the expense of buying or renting the musical scores.  The adult members support the chorus by donating their own time for all rehearsals and by paying a membership fee to participate. The rest of the funding comes from the community.  A donation of $5 is suggested for concert attendance, but this is a donation and no one is excluded for inability to donate.

Business sponsorships ranging from $250 - $1,000 are solicited, and a number of sponsors include the Chorus in their community support programs each year.  Sponsors are provided space in the concert program as follows: $1,000 – full page, $500 – half-page, $250 – quarter-page.  In addition, each sponsor’s logo is included on the event posters, table tents distributed about the Valley to publicize the concerts, and on a Sponsor Poster Board at the concert hall.  Sponsors are further recognized in announcements at the beginning of each concert and are provided a number of tickets in a reserved section of the concert hall.

In its 45th continuous season of operation, The Bitterroot Valley Chorus offers multi-generational participation in choral training and musical performance to all those who love choral music and are looking for an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic singing organization. Led by our Conductor/Artistic Director Peggy Bucheit, the Chorus is a nonprofit organization known for its annual Christmas concerts. These concerts are quality performances that offer a wide variety of choral and small ensemble musical works to our community at large. 

The Chorus is a very welcoming organization. The adult Chorus is open to adult singers and qualifying high-school age singers from the Bitterroot Valley. Our Youth Choir is open to children ages 4th-8th grade from any and all educational settings. Members are welcome to join our group without audition. 

Joining the Bitterroot Valley Chorus is both an opportunity to create beautiful music as a part of a large chorus and to develop new friendships through a shared love of making music. Anyone interested in singing! All we require is that you regularly attend rehearsals and learn the music in preparation for concerts. 


The Chorus meets weekly on Monday evenings from 7-9 PM in the Hamilton High School Choir Room from the last Monday in September through the Chorus performances in December. The Youth Choir meets weekly on Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 PM in the Hamilton High School Choir Room, beginning the last Thursday in September through the Chorus performances in December. 

We ask our members to regularly attend rehearsals, and the two dress rehearsals are mandatory for participation in our concerts. 

There is a $25.00 membership fee for adult members associated with each season. The membership fees help to defray the costs of the music purchases for the Chorus music library. Members also have the opportunity to join the group for Christmas caroling in our community and for performances at area retirement homes and nursing facilities. 

There is NO membership fee for our high school-aged and Youth Choir members. The Chorus is committed to providing this opportunity for our young people to learn and grow through choral singing, and we do not want young people excluded because of financial reasons. 


Send an email with “INTEREST IN SINGING” as the subject to and let us know you are interested. Please include a contact phone number and your singing voice range (soprano, alto, tenor, bass.) 

High school-aged singers must contact Mrs. Bucheit to discuss their participation in the adult Chorus. She can be reached at or (406) 544-1809. 

Each Fall, Music teachers at the Valley public schools, private schools and homeschool organizations receive informational packets re: participation in the Bitterroot Valley Chorus Youth Choir for distribution to interested 4th-8th grade aged children. Please talk with your child’s school or homeschool organization about membership information, or contact the Steering Committee Secretary.